Privacy Policy

Shift Status, like many other websites, uses Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is software which fetches data about online visitors (i.e. you). This data is used to monitor Shift Status, and assists in creating new features for our users.

What does Google Analytics track?

  • The website which you came from, when you arrive to Shift Status.
  • How long you stay on Shift Status.
  • The kind of computer/device which you are using.
  • Various additional details (e.g. location, browser, operating system, etc)

What does Shift Status do with my data?

Tracking visitors assists Shift Status, in determining which features are important to our users, along with how they are arriving to our website. This allows our developers to optimize various parts of Shift Status, allowing for a better user experience.

Shift Status may occassionally generate statistics based on visitor data. This assists in determining peak time periods, among other things. However, when statistics are generated, rest assured that no personally identifying data will be in included in this reporting.

Want to opt out of tracking?

You can opt out of Google's advertising tracking cookie, or use a browser plugin to opt out of all Google Analytics tracking software.