Shift Status is shutting down forever December 1st 2018. Please contact support for further information!
Manage your Employees Anywhere
Shift Status is designed to work on any device
Employees receive notifications when shifts are created, deleted, or traded
Use Shift Status on any device.
It's Free to Join!
Multiple Managers?
No Problem!
Promote an employee to manager at anytime, allowing them to create and edit schedules.
Streamlined Scheduling
Get alerted when things need your attention
All trades require manager approval, to ensure managers are aware of schedule changes.

Request Trades

Book Timeoff

Trades and Timeoff must be approved by a manager

Book Timeoff, Trade Shifts.  Timeoff and Trades must be approved by a manager.
Email and In-App Notifications
Get alerted whenever things change
Easily notify staff of upcoming events
Send broadcasts to all staff, or a specific subset of employees.

Customize alerts

Email and In-App notifications available

Customize alerts.  Email and in-app notifications available.
Employees can specify times in which they prefer not to work
Managers are automatically alerted of an employee's availability when creating shifts.
Shift Archives
We will keep all records of past shifts, for at least 3 months
All paid plan subscribers get their shifts archived for at least 1 year
It's Free to Join!