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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is the difference between an Admin, Manager, and Employee account?

    Admin accounts are made through the Shift Status 'Sign Up' form, and are attached to a company name. Admin accounts are for those who are managing a business. Admin accounts cannot be booked for shifts, since they are not technically employees, but are instead a control panel for a business' Shift Status account. All billing/payment information is managed within admin accounts.

    Manager accounts can create shifts, approve timeoff, approve trades, make broadcasts, and manage shift templates. Managers can be booked for shifts, and trade shifts, and book timeoff. Managers do not have access to payment/billing information.

    Employee accounts can view their shifts, and request trades and timeoff.

  2. How do Shift Status plans work?
    Shift Status plans are subscriptions, and are billed on a recurring basis (i.e. monthly). Plan changes are effective immediately after purchase. All subscriptions are by default set to auto-renew (i.e. automatically charge on a recurring basis, to prevent your plan from expiring). Auto-renew can be disabled at any time, on the billing page.
  3. What methods of payment does Shift Status accept?
    Shift Status only accepts the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, & American Express.
  4. Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?
    Yes, and your plan will automatically downgrade at the start of the next billing period.
  5. What is an "employee account limit"?
    Each Shift Status user has a limit on how many employee accounts that they can create. By default, all users get the Free Plan, which allows you to create 5 employee accounts. If you need more accounts, you can subscribe to a paid plan.
  6. Can I delete employee accounts after I create them?
    No, however employee accounts can be frozen at anytime. Frozen employee accounts are not counted towards your "employee account limit". However, frozen employees cannot log into their account (until their account is thawed by a manager).
  7. What happens if I cancel my subscription, but I have more employee accounts than the free plan allows for?
    In this situation, Shift Status will automatically freeze a few of your employee accounts. Frozen employees will not be able to access their accounts until you de-freeze (or 'thaw') their account.
  8. Does Shift Status have mobile apps?
    Yes! Shift Status offers both iOS and Android mobile applications.
  9. There are some features that I wish Shift Status had. Can you create them for my account?
    Please send us an email with your feature suggestion. Our team continually monitors requested features, and this helps determine what we focus our efforts on.
  10. How do I know Shift Status is secure?
    Shift Status utilizes an encrypted connection to securely deliver content to our users. Additionally, all payments are handled using Stripe (, a PCI-compliant payment gateway.
  11. How do shift trades work?
    Any employee can log into their account, and request to trade a given shift. For the trade to be completed, both the trade recipient, and a manager must approve the trade.
  12. How does Shift Status manage timeoff requests?
    All employees can create timeoff requests, however these requests must be approved by a manager. Approved timeoff is automatically displayed during shift creation, to prevent incorrect shift assignment.
  13. How does Shift Status notify me of activity?
    Users can be notified via email notifications, or through in-app notifications. Users are notified of shift changes, trades, timeoff and broadcasts.
  14. How do I create accounts for my employees?
    Employee accounts can be created on the employees page, when logged into your company's main Shift Status account. When you create an employee, a random password will be generated for your employee. By supplying your employee with both their username, and their new password, they can log in.
  15. Do my employees need to log into their accounts?
    Not necessarily. Shift Status can be used to create schedules, without needing employees to log into their accounts. However, to take advantage of all features (such as trading and timeoff management), your employees will need access to their accounts.
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